Time for Keyboard Warriors to Unite.

While the Patriot keyboard warriors have been busy complaining about wearing masks, the Anti-2A Folks have been laser-focused on continuing the march to strip us of the right to bear arms. The liberal left has been working to strip us of our liberties of personal freedoms. They are once again threatening mass shutdowns to “stop COVID.”

Restaurants are prohibiting open carry. EVEN WHEN IT’S LEGAL IN THE STATE. Some Governors are trying to force families to isolate in their individual ROOMS or wear masks while in their homes. EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS COVID +. Governors and Mayors are telling folks to cancel Thanksgiving gatherings and enacting quarantines if one enters their state. Even for returning residents. Tourism has been obliterated in New York. Restaurants have been permanently closed by the thousands across the country. Millions of jobs gone forever.

Yes, we SHOULD be cautious. Yes, we SHOULD wash our hands. WE should stay home IF we are sick. Yes, We need to watch after our grandparents and elderly parents.

HOWEVER, we should NOT be willing to sign away our personal liberties to be “safe.” There is NO guarantee you won’t contract COVID if you wear a mask. There is NO guarantee you won’t catch COVID if you 100% NEVER leave your home and wear a mask at home. If you CHOOSE to cower in fear and toss away your liberties, that’s fine. However, you do NOT have the right to toss mine away.

Stop using your keyboard to complain on FB. Use your keyboard to complain to corporations and Representatives directly. Let your local and State Representatives know how you feel. Contact the developer that owns the property shops are in and complain that they have a tenant that is prohibiting you from exercising your constitutional right if you live in an open-carry state and they are prohibiting you from doing so.

Those who believe in the Constitution as the law of the land can no longer afford to sit on their collective duffs. We are watching the result of far too many registered LEGITIMATE voters staying home during the Presidential election.

YOUR collective voice powerful. Get your friends together. Have ONE write a form email that everyone can copy and paste, print out, sign, and mail. Flood your local, state, and national Representatives with those letters.  If you don’t have the time to write a letter yourself, copy one of ours! They are available on our Forms & Letters page. Email is easy, but Legislators take mailed in letters more seriously.

Get involved!!! We need plenty of volunteers here at www.therepublicwatch.com to compose form letters, follow legislations, watch press conferences etc. If you would be interested in becoming involved, fill out our contact us form.

Know of a planned March or Political event in your community or state? Let us know by reporting the events to us. We will get them on our calendar and put it out on Parler, WeMe, our Newsletter, and on the website!

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