We Can No Longer Remain Silent and Passive.

Over the 2 day Thanksgiving holiday, the vast majority of Americans, Black, White, Latino, etc., gather with their families, overdose on turkey and pumpkin, and watch football on the big screen TV. They take a moment to give thanks for their families and for the blessings in their lives. I seriously doubt a single American specifically gave thanks for the “colonization” and murder of the American Indians during the founding and development of our nation.

Yet, that is what the Antifa and BLM members who toppled statues, defaced buildings, and broke windows of businesses that certainly didn’t deserve to be targeted. The spray-painted, “You don’t care about Blacks,” gave BLM away while the “F*** USA” pointed to Antifa or their want to be’s. The destruction occurred in Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington. While businesses were targeted, they clearly were not planned to be the primary target. How do we know this?

In 4 states, 10 businesses suffered damage. That number would have been much higher if damaging businesses was their primary goal. So, what was their target? American history. American culture. Our very way of life. They topped a statue of George Washington, sprayed red paint over Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley after they failed to be successful in their attempt to tear the latter down. A war memorial was toppled, and a monument to pioneers was defaced.

In the twisted, hate-filled minds of the “protestors,” these monuments represent the “symbols of colonialism, capitalism, and gentrification” in and of America. As if damaging the property of modern businesses will correct a perceived wrong that happened hundreds of years ago. The perceived wrong was not perpetrated by the business owners or corporations they attacked. Nor did those same wrongs impact the protestors. (BLM members and Antifa members have yet to prove that they have been directly impacted by the decisions made so very long ago). Of course, the term “white supremacy” was also thrown in over the holiday to justify their behavior.

Frankly, their actions are being fueled by Mayors and Governors that have capitulated to “hurt feelings” and violence to remove statues instead of insisting they remain. Not as a monument of past wrongs (wrongs, I may add that are being judged by TODAY’s standards, which is a wrong unto itself), but as a reminder of how things could have been done differently.

We all know that removing or destroying statues, burning books, and banning movies does not mean events didn’t happen. Nor does rioting, looting, and burning our cities. Sadly, the violence is being fueled by the mainstream media and our elected officials. Each time a “reporter” attempts to make an excuse for the violence. A media that is so biased that in reality, news anchors have become talk show hosts. Field TV as well as newspaper reporters have become commentators. They are not  journalists reporting, “Nothing but the facts.” The labels “News Achor, Journalist and Reporter need to be stripped from their job descriptions and career labels. Every time a politician refuses to denounce the violence, they are endorsing it.  Capitulating to the demands of those that commit crimes and act of violence doesn’t stop them. Making excuses and not denouncing them emboldens them.

If our media and politicians won’t denounce them, it’s up to us. By written word or physical PEACEFUL protests, WE THE PEOPLE need to step up. It’s time, folks. It’s time to publically chose sides, step out from behind the computer and DO something. We can no longer be silent and passive. That time passed long ago, and we ignored it. I don’t believe it is too late to steer our nation back in the right direction. The direction of freedom and liberty. Into the law of the Constitution and away from Socialism and oppression. However, it’s going to take action to make that happen. You can use written words. Not just on FB, Twitter, and other social media platforms alone. Use the written to generate flyers for a Protest, write their Patriot protest announcements for newspapers and the news stations. Author an opinion piece and submit it to a few newspapers. If writing doesn’t interest you, help organize a PEACEFUL protest, or attend one. Now is not the time to remain silent. It’s time for us to be seen and heard.

USA Todays’ Reporting

UK Reporting of Thanksgiving “crime spree.”

The photo was taken during an airport gathering of supporters awaiting for President Trumps Arrival-  Photo AP News