Mac’s Public House

Last Monday,  Governor Cuomo issued yet another “Royal Edict.”  Among the restrictions in the “decree” was the prohibition of indoor dining in bars and restaurants. The edict was effective two days later. Businesses and restaurants that were left standing after  Governor Cuomo’s’ previous forced closures and limits of service edicts are once again being forced to close. Employees that were able to return to work are again left worrying about how they are going to financially survive.  There appeared to be little restaurants and bars could do but lock their doors and hope Cuomo would not leave their business closed for long.3
Co-owner of Mac’s Public House, Keith McAlarney, decided enough was enough and stood a stand. He and his partner decide to take a stand.
The pub’s owners’ response to Cuomo’s decree brought forth a chuckle and a touche when I first read about what they are doing. Not only are they pushing back against liberal oppression and government overreach, but they are also turning their own liberal game against them.
Remember the “autonomous zone” set up in Portland over the summer? The zone which was widely encouraged and praised by leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party? In response to Cuomo’s edict, Mac’s was declared an “autonomous zone.” A place where the government’s rules no longer apply. Mac’s doors have remained open. Customers are being served, and employees are working.
Liberal State, Local, and National politicians praised Portland’s crime-ridden, violent “autonomous zone” as a “peaceful protest.” They supported Portlands crime laden, violent autonomous zone. Liberal elected officials across the nation stood in front of every news camera they could verbalizing their support. However, the liberal response to Mac’s being an autonomous zone has been, not surprisingly, the opposite.  In response to Mac’s stand, their state liquor license has been revoked, and fines are being levied daily. In other words, they are being “punished” by elected officials for daring to challenge their illegal power grab and mandates.
 Mac’s owners are doing what EVERY American needs to be doing. They are actively engaging in Civil Disobedience. They are conducting a Peaceful protest in response to tyranny. They are standing up to the overreach of a Mayor and Governor who think they have the power to legislate. The owner of Mac’s is reminding ego puffed, power-hungry Mayor Deblasio and Governor Cuomo of the limits on their elected positions.

Picture this being done in solidarity nationwide. Imagine every small business, shop, and restaurant. The words “autonomous zone” clearly displayed on every front door and window. Businesses open and employees back to work, earning paychecks.  Local economies would be flourishing as employees spent those paychecks.  Cities and Counties once again be collecting tax revenue which funds their budgets and projects. Fewer citizens walking around in masks because it’s a CHOICE and wearing them are no longer being mandated. 

However, in order for Mac’s and other businesses to be successful in pushing back, there is something vital that needs to take place. A shift in the collective behavior of WE THE PEOPLE needs to take place.  The Citizenry needs to be active participants.  A business owner that declares their restaurant, shop, or auto repair shop an “autonomous zone” needs strong citizen support. Patriots need to support these businesses by frequenting them and marching in the streets to support them. (Are you paying attention NY, CA, NJ, KY, OH, and Nashville)?

It’s time for the citizenry to start standing up and pushing back PEACEFULLY. There comes a point in time where we all need to make a decision. We need to decide if we are willing to give up our liberties and shred the Constitution, or take a PEACEFUL stand and start taking our Cities,  States, and Country back from the progressive-liberal poison that is spreading across our nation.   THIS moment, this hour, this day is that point in time. Time to choose sides. Which side are you on? If you’re on the side of Liberty and Freedom you can no longer make excuses as to why you aren’t doing anything except posting on social media. There are no longer any valid excuses to validate not being involved in helping to organize, attend, or actively support protests against government overreach of ANY level.

There are many ways to support the movement. Help to design a website for the local movement in your area by volunteering your time and skill, helping to provide financial support by shopping at the businesses that are fighting back,  or sharing meeting and protest information on your blog. Hand out flyers in front of the big box store announcing the marches and meetings. There is a myriad of ways to be involved. No more excuses.

If you live near Staton Island, drop into Mac’s and support them. For the rest of us,  if you’re still on FB, “Like” their page to show your support.