Guest Blog Post- Ubilibertas

I first shared the Blog Ubilibertas a few weeks ago as a “Blog to Watch.” I still feel this Blog is worth watching.

The Blog’s author gives a unique perspective on current events. His general focus is on Ohio, where he, his wife, and 4 legged companions currently reside, but he does not limit himself. He discusses national events, liberty, and our Country’s history as well.

This blogger is a master storyteller. Each day he weaves the details of his day, the impact of Ohio’s Covid mandates on his family and community. He then ties everything together with his personal insight into what it means and gives us a lesson on liberty.

The inclusion of his family and personal life details may not be for everyone. In sharing his family’s experiences and thoughts, he gives us a peek at how they have been impacted by Covid. More importantly, he shows us that we are not alone trying to make sense of what is happening around us. We are not alone with the realization of how close we are to losing our liberty. We are not alone as we each steer in a direction we never thought we would see.

If you haven’t read and subscribed to this blog, I encourage you to do so.