The First Amendment Under Attack part 1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Over the past six days, we have witnessed an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment. We have seen the sitting President of the United States banned from Social Media platforms. We have seen Social Media apps removed from the app stores of Apple and Google. They are thus preventing access of ALL American citizens from downloading the apps onto their phones and tablets. We woke this morning to find Parler, a Social Media application preferred by Conservatives, Libertarians, and Moderate Democrats to communicate with one another and share what is happening in our Nation, removed from the internet entirely when Amazon removed them from their server. These actions should strike fear in the hearts of ALL Americans.

Do you think, “Well, I don’t use Social Media, so it doesn’t affect me,” or “Trump was bombastic. He deserved to be silenced”? My response to that: Have you tried to read a newspaper over the past 12 years? Have you watched a mainstream media news source? Can you cite ONE incidence of reporters INVESTIGATING BOTH sides of an issue on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, or CBS? INVESTIGATING not discussing their personal “opinions” and bias. Have you found read authentic investigative pieces in the N.Y. Times or Washington Post? No opinion pieces, but REAL investigative journalism being carried out. I will post it here with your name if you can send me one.

For years the media has controlled what we see, hear, and read. They have guided us like sheep to the slaughter. They were forcing us in a specific direction. Only allowing us to know what “they” wanted us to know. With only partial information, they led us to certain conclusions about events and people. The media became experts at creating division and hate among us, and they did so without hesitation or care of what it would cause. Like sheep, most people didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. They are now trapped in a narrow forceful stream of one-sided information, filled with hate and deliberate misinformation unable to escape.

Whether we are interested in learning or even hearing about the “other sides” positions, thoughts, or feelings, what makes us knowledgeable Americans IS listening and reading about views different than our own. Otherwise, we are little more than uninformed idiots. Making our decisions and picking our “platforms” based on only one-half of the facts. We DON’T have to agree. We aren’t expected to. We won’t. However, by learning about how the other “side” thinks and feels about issues, we become more compassionate and understanding. Again, this doesn’t mean we will agree with their final position, and we may still disagree. Passionately. However, armed with knowledge, all “sides” will be much less likely to become hate-filled and violent. All sides will be much more likely to sit down and negotiate. All sides become much less likely to be manipulated and controlled. That would remove a LOT of power from Congress and ALL influence from the media.

Many Congress members seem to almost gleefully take the podium in front of every camera and microphone they can. They are smearing their fellow elected member of Congress and the President with their hatred but the American people as well. Americans have been maligned and labeled racist, homophobic, bigot, deplorable, and more. Labeled by the very people, elected to represent them. Our Congressional members have proven to be so out of touch and so power-hungry, they think this behavior is not appropriate but required to obtain their apparent goal of a one-party rule. They obviously have no fear of consequence or repercussions. They are emboldened to say whatever they want. Yet, if you (as we have witnessed with the President) dare to fight back using social media, the only real avenue we have, we risk being silenced by censor or banishment. Under the guise of violating a TOS using “speech that encourages violence” or “hate speech.” Our First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech has been silenced and stripped from us.

I fear that Americans being silenced on Social Media is just the beginning. Dare to disagree with the Democrats or the mainstream media’s position? What you write voicing your opposition is labeled hate speech. Next, watch for email accounts being deleted by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft because, after all, they don’t want you spreading “hate speech.” The remaining email providers will be forced to follow.

We are seeing the systematic process of shutting down ANY communication that disagrees with the government or the “party,” Preventing Americans from communicating with one another ensures we don’t know what is going on across our Nation. Folks, our Republic is in trouble. BIG trouble. They silenced the President of the United States. A LEGITITATELY ELECTED President. Do you think they won’t hesitate to silence us?

I will discuss more in-depth how the First Amendment is being attacked and what it means now and in the future in part 2.


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