Biden Playbook: To Incite National Violence

I’m going to explain how I went from, “I wonder what the SDP (Socialist Democratic Party) is REALLY up to,” to be very concerned that the SDP’s real intent is to incite violence in order to declare martial law.

Biden hit the ground running after he was inaugurated. Upon his return from visiting Arlington, he started signing Executive Orders. Executive orders focused on dismantling the United States Economy, reversing the U.S. oil independence (and ultimately eliminating hundreds of thousands of American jobs). He also stopped construction on the border wall.

Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Immediately, 11,000 jobs disappeared. Countless videos have been posted on social media by oil workers, truck drivers, and heavy equipment operators that have already lost their jobs. The reply from the WH Press Secretary: “You can find another job.”Way to prove you care about American workers. During a time in which millions of businesses are closed due to the SEVERE RISK Covid brings, the response is outrageous, insensitive, and callous. A true and accurate reflection of the way Biden and his administration feels towards American Workers.

Biden then issued a 60-day pause to stop the Interior Department agencies and bureaus from issuing oil and natural gas drilling leases or permits on federal lands and waters. Effective immediately NO new permits are being issued to drill in the United States. Unless Companies obtained their permits before Biden took office, they aren’t drilling. Imagine the independent drilling companies that can’t financially withstand 60 days of no work. The companies that are hired to do the actual drilling. Their employees are now out of work. The unemployment numbers will continue to climb.

Halting the border wall construction not only immediately cost American jobs but will use the increase of illegal immigration. By stopping the Border Wall construction, Biden signaled that the United States now WELCOMES illegal immigration. Stopping the deportations of illegals already in custody (many convicted criminals) and reactivating the DACA plan also sends the “Come on Over” message. With the clearly “open border” position of Biden and his administration, one has to bring up Covid (CCP).

Biden and his administration and the CDC continue to state that the risk of death by CCP is high in the United States. Cities are still shut down; States are still under mandatory curfews (never understood the rationale over that. Does the Covid Virus freely roam the streets after 10 P.M., but not before), restaurants are still closed because of the risk. Biden signed an order making it MANDATORY for all Americans to wear masks on all public transportation. He has also instructed OSHA to come up with mask requirements to “protect employees” from the CCP in all workplace settings. Schools have been closed and utilizing distance learning for almost a calendar year. Graduation ceremonies, proms, and gatherings of more than ten people have been banned across the country. Sporting events and concerts continue to be canceled. Why? Control. They now control when you can work, when you can eat out when you can shop, and even when you can go visit your family.

IF CCP IS such a high risk in the United States, why would you throw the welcome mat out for illegal immigration? Biden sent out the message for folks to go ahead and cross into the U.S. unencumbered and unchecked. NO health screening is required! Not even the mandatory temperature checks ALL Americans go through daily to shop in a store or even be seen in a medical setting. Either the CCP isn’t that big a risk, OR don’t American lives matter long as the danger comes from the southern border? (Not to mention the potential loss of lives because he has reopened travel from terrorist supporting countries into the United States). These are questions a TRUE Journalist would shout out during a press conference. Alas, they are a truly endangered species in the United States. The only investigative writers you see anymore are on the website, and they don’t have access to WH or Pelosi press conferences, I’m afraid.

Biden also committed the United States to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. Following the Accord will have devastating consequences to the United States economy. The loss of jobs, the financial repercussions, the regulations. It will drop the GDP drastically and put manufacturing back to the pre-trump era almost immediately. Obama already gave the 1 BILLION of our tax dollars for funding. WITHOUT Congressional approval, I may add. The Paris Accord is not going to change ANYTHING about the climate. NOTHING. NADA. For the Accord to help ANYTHING having to do with climate, EVERY COUNTRY would have to do its part, abide by the agreement and make changes. Including China. They haven’t so far, and they are members of the Accord. They continue to lie about their coal use and emissions. There is no enforcement mechanisms in place and no repercussions for failing to do your part. So, countries are essentially free to do whatever they want and take our money while doing so.

Biden promised 4 Billion dollars in aid to Central America. The money is to be put to use to stem the flow of people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to Mexico. However, we can open the gates HERE while providing money to Mexico to build and enforce theirs. This makes zero sense. Unless you just want to toss away tax money.

The “Remain in Mexico Program” has been discontinued under Biden. This program had required that those seeking asylum in the United States wait in Mexico while their asylum cases are adjudicated. This program started due to the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants released into the United States while their cases were waiting to be heard. Most did not appear in court and have not been located. Now, once they cross into the U.S., they stay.

Now, we know the Biden administration is soft of terrorism. That is evident by their reallowing admittance into the U.S. of folks traveling by way of terrorist countries and their citizens. Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. If the Biden administration is so concerned about American citizens’ safety, why would they even CONSIDER allows folks from those countries here? Actions speak louder than words. To add another head-scratching aspect, at the same time, Biden restricted travel from Brazil and South America over the CCP virus.

Biden wants to codify abortion. What does this mean? It means that even if the Supreme Court rules OVERTURNS the 1973 ruling, abortion will still be legal. How? Simply because it’s already been done.

Biden also continues to fuel the racial divide in the country. A divide that we saw opened under the Obama Administration and fueled by BLM (which is actually a hate group). The violence we have seen in our country, as a result, has been heartbreaking. Cities burned, stores looted and destroyed, people murdered, and families destroyed. For what? So politicians can play the phony sympathetic race card over an issue THEY help worsen? Just to get votes?

Biden signed an executive order saying that it is “the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.” Among other things, the order assigns the heads of federal agencies to “study methods for assessing whether agency policies and actions create or exacerbate barriers to full and equal participation by all eligible individuals.” In this order, he targets people of color. Yes, there is discrimination and racism in this nation. Racism, discrimination, persistent poverty, and inequality are not just limited to people of color. It affects people of ALL ethnicities, races, and sex. Nor is this a “new” trend. To sign an Executive order that reads as this one does, underserves and marginalizes the Appalachian Region people, but they are not primarily of color. Do they not matter? How about those over the age of 65 of ALL colors? In 2019 over 13% of ALL the folks over the age of 65 were at the 125% of the poverty level. How about a female head of household with no spouse? In 2019 24.3% of ALL single parent female-led families lived below 125% of the poverty level. Guess they don’t matter unless they are of color. Eerie PA is the poorest Zip Code in the U.S. The median income in Eerie is $10,873, and the mean income is $14,780. To put that into perspective, the federal poverty level for a family of four is $25,100. Now, the city’s racial makeup is 80.6% White, 14.2% African American, less than 1% each of Native American, Asian, and Pacific Islander, respectively. 1.9% from other races and 2.3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4.4% of the population. Guess only 16.5 of that Zip Code matters. I could go on. To imply that only people of color are “historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality” suggests that no one else fits that EXACT criteria. I’m not going to discuss specific members of religious groups that describe that as well. Speech like this marginalizes others and causes further division. Coming from the President of the United States, it is inexcusable. MSM may not call him out on it, but I will. Our nation NEEDS HEALING. Clearly, Biden and his Administration don’t intend to encourage that to happen despite what he said in political campaign speeches.

Biden also signed an order that requires the Office of Personnel Management director to provide a report “with recommendations to promote a $15/hour minimum wage for federal employees.” Here it comes, folks. The beginning of the $ push we all knew was coming. The push is on for the kids who can’t even make the change at a fast food joint or a store to make $15.00 an hour. Now, big chains that were allowed to stay open over the past year (while ALL small businesses except those deemed “essential’ were forced to be closed) will survive the increase. They will pass the loss of profit onto customers and cut the hours of employees. Instead of 36 hours a week, they likely will be LUCKY to get 20. A significant reduction in hours will also knock them off of any employee benefit programs. The savings companies will see on that will also make up for the increase. It’s the SMALL business owners that a mandatory $15.00 wage will destroy. Those that managed to survive and reopen won’t be able to survive this. One has to wonder if that is the REAL intent.

Destroy small businesses in America. Make it, so the ONLY option you have is to work for “big business.” After all, through taxation and regulation, “Big Business” is easily controlled by the government. The government can create restrictions and regulations to dictate everything from wages, insurance, hours employees are “allowed” to work, and ultimately WHO they can hire. Contracts can be awarded or blocked depending on whether or not companies follow hiring regulations.

It’s a scary thought that our government could prevent you from being hired. Right now, we are seeing folks being blackballed from social media. Companies were blackballed from servers because they allowed users on their platform to exercise their First Amendment rights. People were fired from their jobs for merely ATTENDING the D.C. protest. Now, Conservative websites are being threatened by Amazon that they are at risk of being removed from their servers. Follow Candice Owens to read about what is happenng. (We are NOT on Amazon’s server). Is it so far a stretch to think that your ability to find a job or retain one could become dependent on your social media posts? How you voted? What you do in your private time? Whether or not you own a firearm? What organizations you belong to ?

He also signed an order that stated the federal government “must advance environmental justice.” The order directs all federal agencies to review federal regulations and other actions taken by the Trump administration that they deem to be in “conflict with these important national objectives, and to immediately commence work to confront the climate crisis.” The use of the word “justice” is troubling. Its use indicates the potential of developing a committee or department whose sole purpose is to “punish” companies that are deemed a “detriment to the environment.” Buried in this order is also STRONG SUPPORT OF UNIONS. Every reference about “high paying job” or “creation of jobs” in fact, any reference to “job” is either prefaced or followed by the word “union.” Since when does the U.S. government support a private entity to the point they are names repeatedly in an Executive order? It doesn’t pass the smell test, does it?

It appears that Biden makes a point of rescinding Trump Directives in just about every Executive Order. We have gone from “Make America Great” to “Working Towards A Totalitarian Government.” Rejoining the Paris Accord, rejoining W.H.O. (an organization controlled by China), agreeing to follow the European Guidelines for the environment, and working to make us dependent on other nations for our energy once again. This all points to trying a political party trying to destroy America’s independence and stop us from being the greatest nation in the world and a Republic of free people.

We see a political system in our nation that is actively working towards destroying our Republic. We have a sitting President that appears to be doing everything he can to destroy our economy and jobs. To make us dependent upon the government for our food, medicine, housing, and, I wager soon, employment. We have watched the attempt to change America’s culture and value system. We have seen politicians in cities remove statues under the cover of darkness to appease those who hate America and are trying to erase our history. We have heard those who have burned our cities, looted, and taken over our communities referred to as “Peaceful Protestors.” We have also listened to those who merely attended D.C.’s protest as “domestic terrorists” by politicians that are members of the SDP. I honestly think that the SDP (Socialist Democratic Party) is deliberately trying to incite violence. They are HOPING they have a reason to declare Martial Law. g everything he can to destroy our economy and jobs. To make us dependent upon the government for our food, medicine, housing and, I wager soon, employment. We have watched the attempt to change  America’s culture and value system. We have seen politicians in cities remove statues under the cover of darkness in an attempt to appease those who hate America and are trying to erase our history.  We have heard those who have burned our cities, looted and taken over our communities referred to as, “Peaceful Protestor.” We have also heard those that merely attended the protest in D.C. as “domestic terrorists,” not just those that stormed the capital.  I honestly think that the SDP (Socialist Democratic Party) is deliberately trying to incite violence. They are HOPING they have a reason to declare Martial Law. 

What better way to destroy a nation than cause such great animosity and friction between races, those with differing political views, different ethnicities, different religious beliefs, and different income levels? Get Americans to distrust and fear each other. Make it, so they cannot communicate with one another on social media to “compare notes” or organize their PEACEFUL protests. Have the press spread the narrative that those who oppose those in power are “domestic terrorists” and need to be looked at with anger, mistrust, and fear. They need to be “reprogrammed.” Have the FBI put out a memo that those who oppose our mandates that they WILL wear a mask whether they want to or not may turn violent. They, too, are to be looked at with distrust and fear. Then take away jobs. Add significant stress to society. Create a ticking time bomb. As Pelosi, herself said, “the enemy is within.” Yes, they are. The enemy IS the Socialist Democratic Party. I believe that they think they can change our nation from a Republic to a Totalitarian government-run country. They don’t know their history, do they?

They have forgotten that we are a nation that has the blood of the Founding Fathers coursing through our veins.  They have forgotten that the Founding Fathers put up with a lot from the British Government. They tried to push back peacefully. When the British marched against them, they met them on the bridge. They had been pushed enough. They met them knowing that many would die. Yet they were willing to sacrifice their lives for their principles and beliefs.

The reason we have our Republic is because of the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers and those that came after that have been willing to put on a uniform and stand for the Constitution. A Republic we love. A Republic that isn’t going anywhere.

Our Founding Fathers put our inalienable, non-negotiable rights down on paper so we would never forget them. That paper, the Constitution is also under attack. The first and second amendments are under attack as never before.  However, what our politicians are forgetting is that THEY don’t have the right to legislate our Constitution away. Those rights were given to us by the Almighty GOD.  The founding Fathers simply wrote them down.

That being said. I believe that violence is coming.  I also believe that is EXACTLY what the SDP is trying to accomplish. Violence. They can then declare Martial Law and attempt to start their totalitarian government.

Be aware of what’s going on in Washington and around you. Be PREPARED for anything and everything.

Do your BEST to remain PEACEFUL, unless you are FORCED not to be. Do NOT be reactive. No matter what they say. No matter what they do. WAIT until you are PUSHED to push back. REMAIN PEACEFUL. Let the SDP be the bomb that ignites. NOT US.

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