Bills Before the United States Congress

You can follow Bills that are currently being introduced and under consideration  in the United States Congress here: Bills Before Congress is our go-to site for not only tracking Legislation but the site for finding contact information for all Representatives and Senators. Additionally, you can track Legislation in specific areas of interest and sign up to receive updates on the progress, or lack thereof, of a Bill:

We MUST have our voices heard. There are two ways to do that. VOTE and by contacting our Representative and letting them know how WE want THEM to vote and our opinion of how they are doing.

Pass this information out into your communities. Encourage your friends, families, and communities to become involved in your local, state, and federal politics. We can make a difference, but it requires time and effort to do so.

The BEST way to make sure your voice is heard is by VOTING and flooding your Representatives with phone calls and letters. Join or organize PEACEFUL protests. Get active. It takes much, much more than sitting behind a keyboard to make a difference.

Week of 1/19/2021