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Today I’m sharing one that tops my list. I have shared this blog here before. The author’s insight is always “spot on,” and he doesn’t hesitate to call out those who deserve it. Even “patriots.” In his blog, he blends a mixture of his “real-life adventures with Ernie” and the reality of how the Ohio Covid mandates have directly impacted his life as well as his wife, Deb. While I don’t believe he has revealed his name, there are pictures of him on his blog. His appearance is “us.” Middle America. No airs, no pretense, just……… real. His writing style allows us to be able to relate to his words and experiences. If your not a regular reader of his, you are truly missing out.


Ubi Libertas

Exerpt: The Daffy-Chuckles regime arrives with both the potential and the declared intent to do great damage to America. Officially the demolition derby began at noon yesterday, but practically speaking it got rolling weeks ago and continued right through the pre-inauguration party.


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