Excerpts from Ubi Libertas

Excerpts from the Blog Ubi Libertas…..
Depending on when you’re reading this, grab yourself a cup of coffee, or pour a shot of whiskey (you might want to make it a double), and get comfortable. I’m about to give you a link to the most useful exercise in journalism since Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol.
The article is “28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists,” published Thursday in The Federalist. (Click on the title to read the piece.) As the headline promises, it documents more than two dozen examples of the ideological Left putting its stamp of approval on three months of violent unrest.
That it’s limited to 28 means it’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, of course, but the article makes its point.
The same mainstream media that’s now waxing hysterical, the same elected officials now bleating in favor of removing a sitting president with 11 days left to serve, all last summer were advocates and apologists for violence that makes Wednesday’s incident look like a quilting bee.
And how do these race-baiting leftists explain their about-face?
They don’t — because they don’t have to. When everyone already knows that lying and trashing America is fundamental to who you are, and when half the country approves of your racist, anti-American propaganda, you really don’t have to introduce yourself.
What’s more — and this is the real stunner — the sanctimonious scum who spent the better part of five years assaulting a president, disparaging his supporters, attacking law enforcement, censoring our speech, and waging war on traditional American culture now have the balls to insist that we “come together” in a “spirit of unity.”
Now see, that’s gonna be a problem.
There is no common ground. There will be no unity. Go to hell………”
“To wrap today’s post I have some personal observations about what true Americans are facing these days, along with a word of advice. I do it with clear eyes and a clear conscience, without having to engage in any soul-searching about who I am and what I stand for. This is a very precarious time. Anyone who supported Trump, people of faith, gun owners, especially white Americans… patriotic, conservative, traditional Americans are in the crosshairs of an emboldened Left. Listen to the venomous rhetoric from high-profile Democrats and their media mouthpieces. Hear them talk openly of “cleansing.” Notice how tech tyrants already are shutting down our means of communicating and our sources of information. Empty threats have become promises kept.
They’re coming for us. As I warned months ago, we’re entering a time of retribution. It will get worse.
My advice, respectfully, is this: Forget about Trump. He’s gone. It’s over.
This is no longer about one president. No matter how passionately you support him, let it go.
It’s about our country. If you’re a Patriot who’s worth a damn, it always has been.
Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.”
To read the Blog in it’s entirety, go to Ubi Libertas

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