The Republic Watch-Why We Do What We Do

The Republic Watchs’ purpose is to preserve and protect our Constitutional Rights. To PEACEFULLY stand against any proposed and/or passed laws that infringe on those rights and violates any Amendment of the Constitution. We stand against Red Flag Laws. We oppose politicians that have lost sight that they work for WE THE PEOPLE and not the companies that lobby for their votes. We oppose corruption in government and believe that NO ONE is to important to be held accountable for their actions.

The purpose of this website is to gather and disseminate information. We will be collecting and sharing information regarding meetings and gatherings of groups active in preserving the Constitution and opposing proposed Bills that would infringe upon those rights. Our intent is to join Constitutional supporters with others to stand against such laws that hinder, modify or attempt to remove our Constitutional Rights; We encourage others to stand together to promote and gain support for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties & States by providing us information to share with others. The goal is to spread the word of the movement and become a central location for supporters to obtain information.