The Biden/Harris Plan and the Constitution

With the potential change of Washington’s political landscape after this quasi-election, our 2nd Amendment rights are once again in the Liberal Democratic crosshairs. With all the newfound posturing and renewed antigun “common-sense gun control” dribble from Biden and his witch, they clearly are going to attack our Constitutional rights. Until the election is settled, the Constitutional Rights this Republic enjoys are teetering and subject to falling. It has long been my belief that the 2nd protects the 1st and enforces the remaining. If Amendment falls outright or simply due to being weakened to the point of being useless, then the others will follow. The question is which Amendment will be under attack first as several factors directly affect their possible plans.

If you have not read the Biden/Harris plan for our firearms, please do with great haste. They are not hiding what they want to do. They are laying it out. I am not going to go over all their 10 plus points of attack. I am, however, going to share my opinion on how they may proceed. Everyone reading this should know the Amendments and what freedoms they guarantee. Harris has publicly stated she wants to use executive orders if Congress does not respond to their demands ASAP. Biden will fully utilize the Bloomberg groups Everytown and its minions in red known as the MOMs. While the 2nd will be under direct attack, Biden and Harris will also, through either direct influence or by backdoor tactics will use the courts to attack our 4th Amendment.

Why would they attack the 4th Amendment?  

The 4th Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The 4th Amendment stands in the way of accomplishing their immediate and future Socialist goals. Hopefully, you have read “The Biden Plan To End Our Gun Violence Epidemic,” that is front and center on the Biden/Harris website. Their plan has two main goals that they have harped on since the beginning. Their first goal is to ban the manufacturing and sales of “assault weapons and HC magazines.” secondly, to register and tax those already in the citizen’s hands. It has been stated that the taxes alone could raise Billions.  The tax would be a yearly tax and not a “one-off.”

So, how does the 4th Amendment come into play? I have briefly looked at challenges and interpretations of this freedom. There have been at least 18 different court events since 1946. Most of them dealt with the issues that arose due to the evolution of police procedures, such as drug dogs’ use and the continued technology improvements such as the internet, etc. How an Administration can stop the manufacture and sale of certain items, I am not sure. Could it be done by executive order? I do not know. Will they try? Count on it. But for the purpose of this article, let’s set this one aside.

So,  how would they be successful in attacking the 2nd Amendment? By implementing a massive registration and taxation plan for the firearms that are already privately and LEGALLY owned. We know that there are millions of firearms and high capacity magazines legally owned in the U.S. By creating a high yearly tax on each magazine and firearm to place an onerous burden on the legal owners. This plan, as with all the other anti-firearm bills the Left has pursued,  does nothing to get illegal firearms off the streets. It does nothing about the criminals who have firearms, high capacity magazines, etc. This plan specifically targets legal owners because, as any logical person already knows, the criminal will not give over something they are not supposed to have. So how can Biden and his henchmen find out who owns a firearm? How many do they own? Well, as we learned in the training film Patrick Swayze did so many years ago, there is the paper trail.

By attacking the 4th, then they can go after records—specifically, the ATF Form 4473. We are now told every time we fill out this form that the form is not kept or given to big brother. However, if you look at the third paragraph on the form under Notices, Instructions, and Definitions, you will find out that “After the transferor/seller has completed the firearms transaction, he/she must licensees should be marked with a serial number…. Such Forms 4473 must be retained for at least 20 years and after that period may be submitted to ATF.” So, where are these kept? For the most part, there are either paper or electronic sales records of what is bought. This information should require some type of Court Order or Warrant to be searched for. Regardless, the information is on the form; therefore, it is subject to being accessed. How much effort it takes is the basis of the 4th. Those that have already done the Federal paperwork for SBRs or Suppressors are already on the must-get list, tax stamp or not. Imagine having to file paperwork for what you have now? All jokes aside concerning boat accidents and such. If you have a record of purchasing the newly regulated items, Biden will come sniffing. There will be no grandfather clauses. At a minimum, they will come knocking. If the 4th is “legally interpreted” in their favor, they will come searching.

Then, there is the internet. For those born of us born before the ’70s, we were able to keep the stupidity of our youth relatively undocumented and it’s certainly not documented in the cloud. However,  most of us are on a social media platform. When you signed up, you were asked to agree to a “User Agreement.” Most of you likely didn’t read it. When you clicked “agree,”  you granted access to your life with just a few clicks.  I am as guilty as anyone else. On social media, we connect with family and friends. We share pictures and memories. We tell each other about the things going on in our daily lives. We are human; we want to connect and share, these platforms are great for them. But they also document, no matter how many times you delete, your life. Your thoughts, ideologies, politics, and possessions are captured when you share them.

Most of us loath the Fact Checkers and Algorithms that remind us every day we are being watched. The Left who want to disarm you know this as well. They can just as easily capture this info. You can search the internet and see where police have used high-resolution videos and photos to capture serial numbers off of firearms used by known felons or even read fingerprints and use them to get court orders for warrants. I have yet to see a court case challenging the legality of the searches. I have shared photos of gun club activities, new purchases, etc., usually without much thought. Sure, I cover serial numbers, etc. But the fact is I was in possession of it. If the 4th is essentially neutered, the government then can seize my possessions, and I have lost a legal standing to prevent it.

If the Biden/Harris plan gets traction and momentum, millions of law-abiding citizens could become federal criminals overnight. This is a way for Biden to get the money and security the left craves. Security in knowing they are weakening the Constitution even more. Now, over the last six or so months, everyone’s attention has been on the election. We diverted our attention from the Red Flag or Extreme Risk laws that States are being pressured to pass. Biden wants to go farther and make it Federal. It is in his Plan; read it. Recall that Red Flag laws require very little to label you an “extreme risk” and to start the one-sided proceedings to enslave you to the court system. If a person can make an unsubstantiated claim against you under Red Flag laws. Cannot a person who sees your evil black rifle with the big clip not report you as having these now prohibited items?

Now that I have shared my opinion on the Biden/Harris plan let me explain where the dominos come into play. Once the 4th is weakened to the point of making a patriot harmless. Then the 2nd can and will be attacked. They attack the 2nd Amendment regularly for its wording, which leaves it pretty open to what a firearm is. Now we all know that the 2nd has been attacked dozens of times. But if the Biden/Harris plan passes, it will be under attack anew for the “Assault Weapons.” Once again, it is laid out in the Plan. I hope that you will read it and not just take my Clift note version. If they can hurt or cripple the 2nd, then all the others are subject to fall—even the 1st Amendment, which most experts say is untouchable. We all know that the 1st Amendment is under attack. Not on State or Federal level playing fields, excluding the ruling concerning crying wolf or fire, but on the Social Media playing field. Facebook, Twitter, and so many others have made it very clear what content and context they will allow without hindering or suppressing it.

As unarmed citizens, we would be unable to defend ourselves from criminals or a tyrannical government. Who will stop either? That is the REAL purpose of the Biden/Harris plan. Create and implement such an expensive, yearly tax on firearms that owners will have no choice but to turn them in. The Socialist/Communist Left has been patient, and it’s paid off. Just as Khrushchev alluded to in 1959. The domino effect will not be linear. It will branch off as needed to help “Fundamentally Reshape” this country as the Left has been hoping for over the last several decades. For which they have been sadly gaining momentum.

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