We Are Our Movements Worst Enemy.

I have heard people from every political party, every walk of life, both men and women, state that “the law allows” us to “speak our minds” or “to have firearms.” We have lost sight that America was founded on the very principle that our rights come from GOD and are not merely “allowed” by man.
Our rights have been legislated until they are so watered down that they are unrecognizable. Take the 2A, for example. The Constitution clearly and plainly states, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Now, we must “pass” background checks and take written exams to have the “privilege” to carry a firearm. I fear we will be fighting for the very existence of the 2A within a few short years, if not sooner. I talk with adults that do not have in-depth knowledge of the Constitution. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge of what the Constitution and ALL of the Amendments consist of, you don’t know your rights. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t know when you are losing them until it’s too late.

How do we stop the further erosion of our God-given rights?

First, we MUST UNITE. Whether you are a member of the NRA, the GOA, USCCA, or any other pro 2A organization that exists, we ALL must be able to work TOGETHER to accomplish preserving our Constitution. We are too splintered. Each group “doing its own thing” and focusing on its mission. I see thousands of pro-2A groups on FB with people that are active in their local communities. Committed people who have successfully led the fight for their Counties and states to become designated “2A Sanctuaries.” Imagine if that drive and force all came TOGETHER.

Second, stop the infighting. We all have the same goal. Preserve the Constitution and ALL of our God-given rights. Merely focusing on ONE right allows the others to be attacked and legislated away. We must fight to preserve the Constitution in its entirety. We should not be willing to relinquish a single right. Remember, our rights can not be legislated away unless we allow it.

Third, non-violent civil disobedience WITHOUT is pretty powerful. States are releasing violent criminals because of “overcrowding.” Are they going to arrest every person that doesn’t turn in their AR or high-capacity magazine? They may jail some, and those arrests, convictions, and firearms confiscations will lead to Supreme Court challenges. The bottom line is there aren’t enough prison or jail cells to hold us all.

One thing the Left does VERY well organize and mobilize. Look at Mom’s Demand Action, for example. Shannon Watts puts the call out, and MILLIONS of women (and men) start mass mailing postcards, making phone calls, writing letters, and sending emails to whomever she instructs them to. They collectively send to media outlets, politicians, and yes, even to private citizens and elected officials HOMES. That is why they are effective. Which collective voice is the loudest and carries with it the most influence? The collective voice of the thousands that send cards and letters to their office demanding gun control? Or the collective voice of the 100 who called or emailed asking him/her to fight against gun control? THAT is why they are winning. It’s not just because the “Democrats” control the House of Representatives and the Executive Branch. It’s because we are unorganized, and our voices are not being used. Too many sit behind their computers and do NOTHING. With the thousands of key-strokes you will make today, will a single stroke belong to an email you send to your representatives? We all walk around with our cell phones glued to our ears or in our hands. Yet, how many of us have used those cell phones to call our representatives?

We need a unified mobilizing group. A group that issues a “Call to Arms” in which EVERYONE pulls together. Every member sends ten postcards out to their State and National Representatives. Where each person sends ten emails out, each person makes five phone calls. For this to happen, folks need to step up. If you are a member of a grassroots group, have your members start doing this. Reach out to other grassroots groups. Merge. Then merge with another and other.

We will see our right to bear arms, and other God-given rights, stripped from us unless we collectively do something. Something more powerful than any acts of violence could be. We need to work together. Until we do, we are the worst enemy of our movement to protect the Constitution.

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